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China Millions Forum (CMF) is a prestige organization which promotes the professional quality of financial insurance practitioners and aim to unites the members to revitalize the insurance industry.


 CMF was founded in Beijing, China in 2004. It is the supreme honor from the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. It is also one of the major international insurance organizations. The annual CMF Elite Annual Meeting is held in July.


 CMF always pursues a high standard of professionalism, membership is an ultimate privilege. Only the best insurance elites can be qualified through multiple layer of assessment. The trophy certificate issued by CMF represents excellence and glory.


 After years of concentration on management coupled with diligency , CMF has not only made breakthroughs in the areas of Elitism, Human Culture, Quality, Internationalization, but also established a Recognition system, Curriculum system and Empowerment system that is highly respected by the industry.


CMF is highly focused on providing services to its members as fundamental and CMF membership family day as inherited, member activities bring much benefits to its elite members and affecting millions of insurance elites worldwide.

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