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In 2018, the CMF complied with the international trend, in order to speed up the globalization internationalization of the insurance industry, strengthen the exchange and cooperation of insurance industry development cultures along with the “One Belt One Road” initiatives countries and regions, and explore the innovation and development of insurance culture in various countries and regions. CMF launched the first International Insurance Culture Festival (ICMF).


With the future era of information, ICMF combines the development on the history of the insurance industry, cultural innovation, public welfare activities, legendary figures, marketing management, etc., and provides a blueprint for the new era of the insurance industry. It promotes healthy exchanges and developments between countries and industries. This is indeed a historical leap and integration of international insurance organizations.


With the "TMC Ten Million Club Membership Award" as the highest standard for the world's insurers, ICMF is committed to building the world's top most honorable organization and making the world's insurers most respected of all.


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