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Bao Tian Xia Apps

Bao Tian Xia Apps

Introduction of Bao Tian Xia APP: Based on China Millions Forum and China Million Dollar Round Table Education Network, we have absorbed resources of the conference for more than ten years and spent two years on research and development of this Apps. The elite side of Bao Tian Xia Apps is aimed at 8 million insurance elites in China, and satisfies their needs to learn sales skills, team management, new client development and old client maintenance.

The public of Bao Tian Xia Apps is aimed at billions of people across China. It can satisfy the audio-visual needs of different clients through various categories of videos such as education, finance, insurance, and recreation. They can also see the content posted through the elite side and the electronic name cards of exclusive insurance consultants. It enables customers to actively "harass" the insurance elite, which subverts the traditional sales model.

Bao Tian Xia Apps, with its three-dimensional integration (Elite, Public, and Official Page) Internet marketing, helps insurance elites improve their skills, expand popularity, and conduct business in an easy way.

Advantages of Bao Tian Xia Apps

Listen — voice courses in CMF Micro Business College, are given by well-known instructors in the insurance field at irregular intervals.

Watch — speech videos on the CMF conferences, are delivered by more than 100 celebrities and experts in insurance and other fields.

Read — nearly 100 exquisite presentations of instructors and Insurance Star magazines.

Gain followers — share videos with clients and WeChat friends.

Tool — compare insurance products from different companies.


Bao Tian Xia Apps
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