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CMF Annual Events

CMF Annual Events

China's economy had entered the new normal while the insurance industry has gone beyond that.  Although the economic development has slowed down, the development of the insurance industry has instead accelerated.  In this rapidly developing industry, CMF has followed its core principles in its practices, using the down to earth approaches in serving the industry wholeheartedly, providing values and building a high-end exchange platform for its life insurance partners.

Although the industry is complicated, what makes insurance training history is just a few landmark events and the rest will disappear over time. Everyone in this industry knows this truth. The right group of people do the right thing at the right time and place, which will become a landmark event and satisfy the ceremonious needs of life insurance practitioners. After reaching an agreement in the hotel, many partners convince clients to embrace the most important security in life. The feelings of partners and clients are mingled, their relationships are sublimated, their careers blossom, and their lives are spiritually nourished here.

CMF vowed to be a friend of time, a friend of clients, a friend of partners, and a friend of insurance. At the end of every year, we will conduct a life analysis for our industry partners and then start the new year work. To be a forever friend of you is our pursuit, our wish, and the direction that we are working toward.

In the same way, we hope you also hold this idea, and bring your clients, apprentices, partners, or someone you love the most to our annual show at night. At this ceremonious moment, you can give him or her a hug, and then tell them loudly that we are “friends forever”. Your eyes will be filled with tears, your hands will clasp together and there will be no distance in your hearts.


CMF Annual Events
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