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Ten Million Club

Ten Million Club

Ten Million Club (TMC) is the most prestige organization in the global insurance industry. In 2017, TMC was co-sponsored by dozens of insurance leaders from around the world in Beijing, China.

In July 2018, TMC representing the world's highest honor insurers, first batch of founding members of the “TMC Ten Million Club” was established in Zhengzhou, China, witnessed by more than 9,000 world insurance elites domestically and from more than ten countries internationally.

The purpose of TMC is to build a high-performing, high-quality international communication platform for global insurance elites, to explore, assemble, promote, nurture, replicate, and enhance the top insurance elites in various countries, and to promote the growth of industry elites into social elites and make the world insurers more respectable.


CMF Ten Million Club (TMC) Award, with strict membership award conditions and system, reflects the higher standards and supreme honor of TMC members.


Out of 10,000 insurers only One Winner will achive "Ten Million Club Award"


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