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CMF International Insurance Star Award

CMF International Insurance Star Award

China Double Star Awards Ceremony of “Insurance Star” and “Top Ten Insurance Stars” first time debuted in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing,China year 2002.

Deputy Secretary of the Central Financial Work Committee, Mr. Chen Yu Jie, Chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Mr. Ma Yong Wei, and President of the China Insurance Industry Association, Mr. Wang Char Ter and more than 3,000 insurance elites from all over the country participated in the event.


In 2003, China Millions Forum (CMF) Preparatory Committee was established in Beijing with the point based on China’s keeping worldwide in mind, with elitism, human culture, internationalization and quality as its pivot point and “Double Star Award” was officially handed over to CMF for hosting.

Subsequently, along with the development of the international financial insurance industry trend and the continuous improvement of CMF's international influence, the original China “Insurance Star” and “Top Ten Insurance Stars” Double Star Award were officially upgraded to the “CMF International Insurance Star Award” (IIS).


Out of 10,000 insurers only One Winner will achive "Ten Million Club Award"



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