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CMF Insurer of the Year

CMF Insurer of the Year

The  Insurer of the Year aims to promote the limitless potential of the Insurance industry.  Publicize and idolize the managers, bringing life to stories of their achievements, building the reputable insurance brand.


Through the conception of the award on the The Insurer of the Year, the winner will be portraying an advance leading role to the industry. They have been universally recognized by the industry, society, and the public through promoting insurance values, expand the radius of the insurance value, driving force of the national economic development and ultimately improving the livelihood of the citizens

Referral Criteria:

Qualifying criteria is to perform deeds out of the industry during the period of Jan to Dec 2019 covering areas such as improving the poverty line, disaster relief activity,
Or also to lead in the advancement of the insurance industry via producing creative insurance product, innovative selling methods and delivering exceptional services.


CMF International Insurance Star Award (IIS) symbolizes individuals' outstanding achievements and esteemed status in the insurance industry, and their applications must meet the CMF International Insurance Star Award strict criterion.


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